Thank you for visiting the website of Finance for Jobs Consulting Services (F4J-CS).

Finance for Jobs Consulting Services (F4J-CS) is a Palestinian company based in Ramallah, Palestine, that manages the implementation of the first Palestinian Employment Development Impact Bond (DIB), with private-funding aimed at addressing the issue of youth unemployment in Palestine. The DIB’s four investors are: Palestine Investment Fund (PIF), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), FMO, the Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank, and Invest Palestine through the Chilean-Palestinian Diaspora Investment Fund “Semilla de Olivo”.

The design of the DIB was led by Social Finance UK, which is, simply put, is a results-based mechanism, where, if successful, the company’ investors will get repaid by the World Bank, through its Project Implementation Agency, DAI Global, that implements the F4J Project on behalf of the Ministry of Finance (MoF).

The main purpose of the First Palestinian Employment DIB is to match employment opportunities with suitable employees by purposefully training job seekers in employer-demanded skills. The DIB will target unemployed Palestinian job seekers, aged 18–29 years (of which at least 30 percent are women).

Read the DIB fact sheet

F4J-CS welcomes proposals from local and/or international Service Providers, who wish to provide demand-driven training and employment services, to help youth find and sustain jobs. Services include training, internships, mentorship, coaching, job placement services into sustainable jobs across all sectors of the Palestinian market.